SimLab Introduction

Network simulators are often used to study and analyze networks as part of research or standardization work. Until now, both telecom as well as the SatCom industry are accustomed to producing simulators themselves. Especially mobile network manufacturers are used to building their own simulators.

Building a usable simulator is a huge effort. Design and implementation can take years of work that requires high technical expertise in areas such as advanced programming, mathematical modeling and telecommunication. From a simulator user's perspective however, simulators produced for R&D purposes in this way are traditionally hard to use and require a high level of technical competence.

Magister SimLab service offers a possibility to use a user-friendly, vendor independent, high-class online simulation service. With detailed system simulators in the background, SimLab does not make compromises in technical details or accuracy of modelling. Modern day cloud computing capabilities ensure service availability, scalability and security as well as good usability through a user-friendly web user interface.

Having a high level of technical expertise or advanced programming know-how is not a prerequisite to use SimLab effectively. Put short, Magister SimLab is integrated with multiple network system simulators and packs the whole simulation workflow together:

  • design of a simulation campaign, based on meaningful and highly customizable use cases;

  • launch and monitoring of the progress of the campaign and its simulations;

  • analysis of campaign (simulations') statistics and through quality statistics reports; and

  • visualization of the simulation(s) run within an interactive 3D view.

SimLab paves the way for telecom professionals to advance from the branching trails of source code editing and technical documentation study towards experiencing a more streamlined and focused simulation workflow, which results in work efficiency and elevated business value.