Data Protection and GDPR

The Service is aimed to be used for handling and processing of technical and commercial data which do not include Personal Data as defined in the European Data Protection legislation. Thus, the Supplier shall not be considered as a Data Processor in relation to the Customer.

It shall be specifically stated that, in connection with providing the service pursuant to this agreement, the Supplier may process personal data that are linked to the decision-makers or other persons (e.g. the Customer’s technical or administrative contact persons) in the User’s organization, for the purpose of providing the service, troubleshooting, customer management, customer service, invoicing, communication, marketing, service development or other such purposes (“Supplier’s Personal Data”). With regard to the Supplier’s Personal Data, the Supplier shall be the Data Controller as per the applicable data protection legislation and, as such, responsible for the legality of the processing. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the Customer may not provide instructions with regard to the Supplier’s Personal Data or the processing thereof. Further information on the processing of the Supplier’s Personal Data can be viewed in the privacy policy.