C-DReAM Simulator Description

The Capacity-level Resource Allocation Management (C-DReAM) Demonstrator, also known as CDEMO, is a python based modular software that simulates constellation of telecommunication satellites at the capacity level with configurable simulation resolution, scenario and, settings to evaluate a given radio resource management algorithms. CDEMO functionalities are designed as a chain of standalone modules (libraries) that respect any future extensions, customizations, and upgrades.

The modules are briefly presented in the following table:

The adopted satellite constellation within C-DReAM project is a Low Earth Orbit (LEO) 5G Constellation system with main target to serve users who are using mobile handheld devices anywhere in the world. The following table summarizes the specifications with constellation option adopted in CDReAM:

More details about the architecture and functionalities of C-DReAM simulator could be found in the accepted paper in the 26th Ka Broadband and Communication conference, Washington DC area, USA, Sep/2021 under the title "CAPACITY LEVEL SIMULATOR FOR NGSO SATELLITE CONSTELLATIONS". A direct link will be added once the paper is online and an early-bird copy of the paper could be requested through the contact us button below.