TR 38.821 calibration

TR 38.821 Calibration template provides use case to build campaigns to simulate TR 38.821 calibration scenarios in NTN 5G. Predefined calibration scenarios selectable. Full buffer or UDP can be used to generate traffic. Template is implemented by the NTN simulator.

Essential pre-conditions

Predefined scenarios having the following properties
set per scenario by selected Calibration Case):

  • Satellite orbit

  • Parameter set

  • Central beam elevation angle

  • UE antenna type

  • Band type

  • Frequency reuse factor

  • Priority

  • Propagation delay

  • Numerology

Configurable options

  • Warm Up Time for statistics collection

  • Calibration Case selection: 1-30

  • The number of the UEs per gNb

  • The number of the beams in scenario

  • Bandwidth [Hz]

  • Enabling wrap around interference

  • Wrap-around tiers count

  • UEs per wrap-around beam

  • Channel condition: DYNAMIC, LOS or NLOS

  • NTN scenario: DenseUrban, Urban, Suburban or Rural

  • Carrier type: DEFAULT or NB_IOT

  • Enabling uplink

  • Traffic type for DL And UL: FULL_BUFFER or UDP

  • UDP traffic packet size and interval

  • Satellite mobility types: STATIONARY, DOPPLER or TLE

  • UE mobility types: STATIONARY or DOPPLER

  • Satellite position (Longitude and Latitude)

  • Channel update interval

  • UE Doppler mobility speed [km/h]

  • Stationary UE placement radius [km]

  • HARQ:

    • Enabling/disabling

    • Max retransmission count

    • Process count

    • Enabling blind and dynamic blind HARQ

    • Blind retransmission count

  • Enabling PF scheduler instead of RR

  • Enabling FD scheduler instead of TDMA

  • Maximum UEs scheduled per slots

  • CQI CBS symbols count

  • Target BLER

  • Enabling UL power control

  • Power control Alpha

  • Power control P0 [dBm]