Fixed Satellite System

FSS template provides use case to build campaigns to simulate forward (FWD) link performance and beam hopping in configured beam scenario (2-72 beams). Modulation and channel coding according to DVB-S2 or DVB-S2X used for traffic transmission. Constant Bit Rate (CBR) traffic model is used to generate application level traffic. Template is implemented by the SNS3 simulator.

Essential pre-conditions

  • Periodical control slots with 100 milliseconds interval

  • Random access disabled

  • Super frame configuration:

    • Allocated bandwidth [Hz]: 20e5

    • Carrier allocated bandwidth [Hz]: 5e5

    • Carrier roll-off factor: 0.2

    • Carrier spacing factor: 0.3

  • FWD carrier allocated bandwidth [Hz]: 1.25e8
    (can be scaled down)

  • TX maximum power [dBW]: 15
    (can be scaled down)

  • Fading model: off

  • CBR traffic

Configurable options

  • Beams enabled: 2 - 72

  • Enabling external fading input traces reading in random mode

  • Number of the UTs per a beam

  • Packet size and interval for CBR traffic

  • Beam hopping mode: NONE, STATIC, DYNAMIC

  • Beam hopping pattern input selection

  • Scale down factor for FWD carrier and TX power: 1 - 350.0

  • DVB-S2X enabling/disabling

  • Enabling dummy frame sending for FWD link

  • ACM disabling/enabling for FWD link

  • Default ModCod selection for FWD link

  • Options for FWD link scheduler:

    • C/NO estimation mode and window selection

    • Interval for periodic scheduling

    • Scheduling start and stop threshold times

    • Additional sorting criteria after priority