DVB-S2(x) capacity evaluation

Geostationary multi-spot beam satellite capacity evaluation use case, which focuses on evaluating the DVB-S2/S2x performance. The configured GEO satellite scenario is the same as in SNS3, i.e. 72 spot-beams generated from satellite position of 33 degrees east. Template is implemented by the PySatSim simulator.

Essential pre-conditions

  • GEO satellite at 33 degrees East longitude

  • 72 spot-beam geostationary satellite scenario

  • Focus on DVB-S2/S2x FWD user link

  • Normal BB frame type

  • Full buffer traffic generator

Configurable options

  • Simulation time

  • Simulation resolution

  • User count per beam: {beam id, user count} map

  • Enabled beams: [list of beam ids]

  • FWD link PHY specifications: center frequency, bandwidth, subcarriers

  • FWD link PHY standard: DVB_S2, DVB_S2x

  • FWD link ACM

  • FWD link dummy frames