5G LEO 600

5G LEO 600 template provides satellite constellation scenario in which satellites are orbiting at 600 km altitude. The constellation supports dynamic payload in terms of BH slots, Frequency slots, and the number of beams. It simulates the user return link at the capacity level. Template is implemented by the C-DReAM simulator.

Essential pre-conditions

  • Constellation

    • coordinates: ECEF

  • UT-GW

    • coordinates: LLA in degrees

  • Antenna patterns

    • GRASP .GRD format

Configurable options

  • Simulation

    • Resolution [s]

    • Start step

    • Step count

  • Constellation

    • The number of the beams

    • The number of the beam hopping slots

    • Carrier Bandwidth [MHz]

    • The number of the frequency slots

    • TX power [dBm]

  • UT-GW

    • Grx [dB]

  • Eligibility

    • Min EL

    • ISL